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Some extra colouring pages for you or your kiddies

Given the circumstances, I thought about creating some illustrations to colour. For your kiddies. Or for those of you who are desperately in need to keep your little ones busy busy busy during this tough Covid-19-times.

Simply download the files and print them :)

Maybe I’ll be able to add more within the next weeks <3

Would love to see the results.

Take care and stay healthy <3

Lots of love,


Oh September. I love you.

Happy first day of September.

For me, September is kind of the “other January”. Time for a fresh start. During my childhood, September was the month where I could get new pencils, fresh notebooks, wear new clothes and simply start a new season. And someohow this feeling has never gone away :) What about you?  How do you feel about the month of September?

Of course, I prepared a new wallpaper for you. Feel free to download your September 2019 here:

Let’s make it a month to remember <3

Lots of love,


Freebie by Lynn Cosyn

Your new freebie calendar is waiting for you!

New month. New download for you. Yes, that’s right. I created a brand new wallpaper especially for YOU my dear. Get ready for the new month!

Feel free to download your wallpaper for August 2019.

Enjoy the month of AUGUST and soak up every moment from these long beautiful summer days!

Lots of love,


Freebie by Lynn Cosyn

Freebie - Calendar July 2019

Love changing up your device wallpaper? So I might have something for you :)

I thought about creating a wallpaper calendar each month for staying motivated by simply creating new things, trying out new color combinations or even new artisitc directions. And the best thing about all this. I can eventually make you smile with my little freebie.

Feel free to download your wallpaper for JULY 2019.

Enjoy the month of JULY and grab all the sunshine you can get :)

Lots of love,


How to shape a creative and cosy lifestyle | Part 3 Be curious! JUST DO IT! This will be my third and last part of the series "How I started my creative and cosy lifestyle". If you want to be inspired and missed the first or second part, feel free...

 Want to make your own soap?

Last week I've been invited to the Lush Store in Aachen which launched their Christmas products. Together with some 3 other nice bloggers we had a full explanation and demo of the products. I guess you all know that smelly soap store? Well, I was pretty surprised about the invitation, because I'm not a beauty product blogger nor am I willing to write reviews about products. This isn't me. (Although I have to admit that I love the smell of the products I was given, hrhrhr) But don't worry. This won't be a soap review post. Haha.. No No No. I was pretty happy when we were told that we could make our own soap. DIY. So I just want to share what I did. Afterwards, I was also inspired to search for some other DIY-SOAP projects. Christmas is almost here and why not looking for some cool handmade gifts already? (it's funny that I'm actually saying this, because I'm rather the last minute christmas gifts searcher).  Anyway..feel inspired by Lush and by some other DIY Soap projects:

How to create a creative and cosy lifestyle | Part II Gathering inspiration from creative minds When you are willing to change your lifestyle into a more creative one, the first step you can take , is by trying to figure out which person inspires you the most?...

How to create a creative and cosy lifestyle In my last post (yes I know.. it’s been a while -.-) I told you, that I’m going to write a bit more about my path into a more artistic world. And about how I shape my creative and...

— Never stop doing what you love


---let the season of cosiness begin---

Make your own cosy light

Here I am again. Hope you had a wonderful month in September. Summer is over and the more dusky season begins: Hello autumn!. I often tend to be somehow sad and a little depressed during this colder + darker period due to the lack of sunlight; but changing my point of view on a lot of things in my daily life, (getting the best out of everything) showed me how these colder and sunless days can offer loads of brilliant moments as well. Especially when it comes to….. C O S I N E S S. HA! Don’t say you’re surprised now! (how dare you!)

Why season of cosiness? 

Hello lovely creative folks,  Today is a special post. While I'm working on a new DIY project (which is aaaaalmost finished), I want to surprise you with a little freebie in the meantime. Yes! Yes! Yes! A little download file is waiting for YOU. Have you taken a...

8 cute DIY ideas for kids to keep them busy

= you will have a few cosy hours for yourself...

I already mentioned some time ago that my mother has 5 kids. You can imagine how many ideas she had to come up with for keeping us busy, so that she could have a few cosy hours for herself. I know how hard it is for parents when kids are just hanging around, don't know what to do, are bored...  Remembering this, I feel the urge to make some research for cool DIY ideas for kids. In case you're a teacher (primary school) there may be a few ideas you can do at school as well. (Click on the images to get to the related websites)