Creative and cosy lifestyle | Part I

How I started my creative lifestyle

Creative and cosy lifestyle | Part I

How to create a creative and cosy lifestyle

In my last post (yes I know.. it’s been a while -.-) I told you, that I’m going to write a bit more about my path into a more artistic world. And about how I shape my creative and cosy lifestyle.

So today I’ll tell you where it all began:

Step N°1 

About my (well, at least back in the day) dream job – being an architect + leaving my comfort zone + taking risks

Some of you might have seen at my „about page“, that I am a graduated engineer in architecture. I studied in Aachen at the RWTH University and I was convinced this will be my dream job. Many friends and family members told me to take care, it will be a hard and tough job,the study world and job world would be totally different from each other. But you know… people could talk as much as they wanted. I didn’t care. If you have this certain idea in your head, you go for it, right? I wanted to make my own experience and I was absolutely convinced of doing the right thing…

Diploma RWTH

Last steps for my final presentation at the RWTH University (back in 2012)

Unfortunately, after graduating, I quickly realized that this whole architecture world wasn’t really my cup of tea. I was disappointed, disillusioned.

Kitten at the office

Well..there have been funny moments as well…> a furry assistant got lost at our office

After desperate thinking and crying and finding solutions how to move on, I decided to go off for a little while. We had some office vacation and I took these weeks to visit Vietnam. On my own. Just me and my backpack. It was a fantastic experience. Knowing nobody, in the middle of nowhere – you are forced to find your way, having an open mind, taking risks and so on and so on. During those weeks I also met a french photographer, living in Hoi An. He taught me the basics of street photography. And for the first time after all these grey days I finally realized how colorful my surroundings were. Looking at the tiniest details through my lens. How I’ve seen my surrounding world from that moment on, by taking care of colors and other atmospheric details like different exciting smells or even funny sounds, changed my perspective on a lot of things. I became aware of – well – let’s simply call it „MOMENTS“. Living the „NOW“. It’s funny how photography can give you that certain feeling of capturing the moment. You’re somehow part of it.Me_travelling

A little DIY for reshaping your lifestyle

This is how I started doing more photography. I thought this wouldn’t really fit into my blog, because it hasn’t really something to do with DIY. But let’s say this could be a DIY for reshaping your lifestyle. Take some photographs, train your artistic eye and you’ll most likely discover things that are unique, interesting, and different.

Leaving the comfort zone to take a step forward

Back in Luxembourg, a really great friend inspired me to shoot more regularly, and to experiment a lot. And most of all he persuaded me to take part at a street photography event in Luxembourg, organized by Street Photography Luxembourg, where I got the opportunity to show my pictures as a guest artist. For the first time, I became aware about my own creativity and I started to be more confident about my workings. Oh and of course, I had to leave my comfort zone, taking a little risk to make my work public. But all these fears have gone. I guess many creative people think more or less the same way. There isn’t that one and only direction you can choose and it’s automatically the right one.

It’s a lot about trial and error.

BUT: You wanna know what’t the best part of all this:. You can’t do wrong because you’re always on the road to learn more, to see more, to get more experienced. Your road never stops. And being aware of this, makes you feel more calm, more cosy.

Have a little look at my photography experience and gather some inspiration for yourself.



Here are some more pictures in the Gallery: (I’ve put them randomly together)

Be a sponge!

So if you are willing to change your lifestyle a bit –  don’t start tomorrow, or next week…NO. Just do it right now. Try being a sponge, a learning sponge. You should constantly absorb everything useful and inspiring from as many resources as possible. Bit by bit, you see that there is room in your days for your creative practices.

Be a sponge

On friday I’ll post the next part of these series “How to create a cosy and creative lifestyle”- so stay tuned lovely creative fellows!

Have a wonderful cosy day,