Freebies and more

Some extra colouring pages for you or your kiddies

Given the circumstances, I thought about creating some illustrations to colour. For your kiddies. Or for those of you who are desperately in need to keep your little ones busy busy busy during this tough Covid-19-times.

Simply download the files and print them :)

Maybe I’ll be able to add more within the next weeks <3

Would love to see the results.

Take care and stay healthy <3

Lots of love,


Oh September. I love you.

Happy first day of September.

For me, September is kind of the “other January”. Time for a fresh start. During my childhood, September was the month where I could get new pencils, fresh notebooks, wear new clothes and simply start a new season. And someohow this feeling has never gone away :) What about you?  How do you feel about the month of September?

Of course, I prepared a new wallpaper for you. Feel free to download your September 2019 here:

Let’s make it a month to remember <3

Lots of love,


Freebie by Lynn Cosyn

Your new freebie calendar is waiting for you!

New month. New download for you. Yes, that’s right. I created a brand new wallpaper especially for YOU my dear. Get ready for the new month!

Feel free to download your wallpaper for August 2019.

Enjoy the month of AUGUST and soak up every moment from these long beautiful summer days!

Lots of love,


Freebie by Lynn Cosyn

Freebie - Calendar July 2019

Love changing up your device wallpaper? So I might have something for you :)

I thought about creating a wallpaper calendar each month for staying motivated by simply creating new things, trying out new color combinations or even new artisitc directions. And the best thing about all this. I can eventually make you smile with my little freebie.

Feel free to download your wallpaper for JULY 2019.

Enjoy the month of JULY and grab all the sunshine you can get :)

Lots of love,


Give your old flower pots a new stylish look! RE-use, RE-think and RE-Design some old pots! Tadaaaa.. Here is the next DIY-Tutorial. In only 2 steps! So here is the plan:  Make yourself a big cup of tea (or coffee) or homemade lemonade and take some time to...

Growing herbs is both fun and rewarding! How do you label your plants in your garden? There are so many creative recycling ideas to add a personal touch to it! Personally, I like to keep an eye out for cute markers that make gardening more organised :) So I...

Last Minute DIY for Mother's Day Tomorrow on Sunday will be Mother's Day in Luxembourg and I am sure that some of you haven't got a gift for your mom? Am I right? For whatever reason you still haven't found something to offer to her tomorrow.. here is...

Branch out!...into another naturally inspired DIY project!

After having shared my last DIY idea about a tree branch clothing rack – I want to show you the other part of this interior project.

Here's a very easy + quick DIY wall decoration idea:

||||| A tree branch picture hanger |||||

The cool thing is: You don't need any nails or glue!

--- Naturally inspired ---

Make yourself a tree branch clothing rack

Tree Rack What about spending a cosy afternoon in the nature? When did you last go for a walk in the woods? Even without a dog you should regularly spend some time outside your four walls ... Go into the woods, get lost, get inspired, take some fresh air and come back home in a really cosy mood. Talking about woods...when you're finding yourself between hundreds of beautiful trees... have you already noticed that every single tree has its own unique shape? Yes true story: It sometimes happens that I'm comparing trees to human beings! Don't laugh - I really like that unusual comparison: There is no human being which has exactly the same look, personality, background story, the same thoughts or feelings...everyone is unique, right? And so are the trees :) It reminds me from time to time that everyone should be happy about his or her uniqueness. (However this post is not supposed to be a how-to-love-yourself-guide- let's get to the point) I will show you my "forest inspiration", a new DIY project: A tree branch clothing rack.
Bits of nature rule the roost! Get ready for this new DiY Interior Project!
Decorating your room with raw natural materials gives your piece a unique style! Be inspired:

Hello dear creative folks, This will be very short post! Just want to announce that I am a happy contributor to a lovely online magazine ORLA COLLECTIVE. Have a look. You will love it! Hope you like my post as well. It´s about a little REcycling project . Here you have...

Inspiring Interview with Gabriella from {Cinnamon Home}   Gabriella, you are te Owner of CINNAMON HOME. When did you decide to start your own business - your own online shop? It was a long decision process, but finally I have started to realize my idea 2 years ago, when...

Let me show you my Paris trip in ||stripes|| PARIS PARIS. Charming. Romantic. Lovely. Cosy. Creative. Culinary.         And. Rainy.  My trip to Paris was perfect. Almost perfect. The weather could have been "friendlier". I don't know what happened to that creature which was responsible for those...

.Concrete Home interiors.

I am in a trendspotting mood again. This time I go for concrete. Some of you might think that concrete with its rough surface doesn't fit in a cosy home interior... well, convince yourself and  take a look at these examples I've picked out. Simply click on the pictures to get the image source.