DIY | Tree branch clothing rack

DIY | Tree branch clothing rack

— Naturally inspired —

Make yourself a tree branch clothing rack

Tree Rack

What about spending a cosy afternoon in the nature? When did you last go for a walk in the woods?

Even without a dog you should regularly spend some time outside your four walls … Go into the woods, get lost, get inspired, take some fresh air and come back home in a really cosy mood.

Talking about woods…when you’re finding yourself between hundreds of beautiful trees… have you already noticed that every single tree has its own unique shape? Yes true story: It sometimes happens that I’m comparing trees to human beings! Don’t laugh – I really like that unusual comparison: There is no human being which has exactly the same look, personality, background story, the same thoughts or feelings…everyone is unique, right? And so are the trees :) It reminds me from time to time that everyone should be happy about his or her uniqueness. (However this post is not supposed to be a how-to-love-yourself-guide- let’s get to the point) I will show you my “forest inspiration”, a new DIY project: A tree branch clothing rack.

Bits of nature rule the roost! Get ready for this new DiY Interior Project!

Decorating your room with raw natural materials gives your piece a unique style! Be inspired:

Let’s start with your new interior project

So first thing to do –> Get lost between trees.trees.trees.trees.trees.trees…..( + leaves + insects)

Take a walk in the forest


  • Choose a room

Plan where and how you will use your wooden element. (You could use it as a hanging wall rack as well, for instance)

Tree Rack

  • Shape

Look for some really interesting shapes and choose a natural material (depending on the wood color) that incorporates your personal style.


  • Light

Do you have enough natural sunlight in your room? That’s quite important because it will brighten up your room instantly. You will love it. Forest-Inspirations_text

Tree Rack

  • A rack for…

… your clothes, your hats, your necklaces…

Tree Rack

  • Fixture

I attached my tree branch to the pallet with some angle brackets. (you can use other fixtures just as well – it’s up to you).


La vie bohème” – feeling of freedom, close-to-nature, cosiness and calmness

What do you think? You like it? If you want to get the feeling of calmness and cosiness in your room, go for natural elements in your room. 

—> Let your “wooden imagination” run free :-) <—

Have fun ! {follow me on facebook as well}