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Customize your gift wrapping paper

Did you know that in Japan gift wrapping paper is as important as the gift itself? They say that:
"Wrapping a gift = wrapping the heart"
Contrary to the western approach using 'random' wrapping paper to hide the present, Japanese choose the style of wrapping paper which harmonizes with the present. By showing how you wrap you express how you feel about the person, the receiver. The gift is marked by mindfulness and consideration. The process of giving, not the gift itself is the most important part.  So why not adding a very personal touch to your gifts?Christmas_DIY-(5-von-78) I'll show you some inspiring ideas to customize your own wrapping paper using brown craft paper. You're only limited to your imagination! Just follow these simple DIY-steps.

Brown craft paper meets lint roller

Supplies you need: 
  • brush 
  • craft paint (whatever you have at home) 
  • lint roller
  • foam paper + scissors
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • It doesn't have to be the glue as shown in the picture above. 
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • Cut out 3-6 shapes matching the season. It's Christmas time so I guess, little Christmas trees should work well for our purpose :) Of course you're free to choose other shapes (little hearts, stars, cactus, teddy bears...) Just think about the receiver. Which shape could suit him/her? I'm sure you will come up with a cool idea! 
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • Add some texture. Any tool with a narrow edge will work fine for this part.
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • Glue your different shapes all around your lint roller. 
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • Here comes the fun part: Use a brush to apply craft paint onto the shapes. AND THEN: SIMPLY ROLL IT! (this action may take a few attempts, but it's not that difficult, just try it out and surprise yourself ;)
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Maybe they won't look as perfect as you have expected it, but HEY- it's handmade. You should love the little imperfections!  Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Want to see more wrapping ideas? Christmas wrapping paper

 Crazy block printing

Christmas wrapping paper

Lets' make some funky cork coasters Here is another very easy and eco-friendly DIY project which has also been part of the X-mas DIY-workshop in cooperation with Orla Collective: Making funky cork coasters! I wanted to show as many ways as possible for making mindful christmas gifts – in a...

Thrift shop upcycling Last month has been filled with exciting projects and you know what? a very big dream of mine has been fulfilled: I had the amazing opportunity to lead a DIY workshop, thanks to Orla Collective - a wonderful community project in Luxembourg, realised by Linda and David. (I told you once before....

 Want to make your own soap?

Last week I've been invited to the Lush Store in Aachen which launched their Christmas products. Together with some 3 other nice bloggers we had a full explanation and demo of the products. I guess you all know that smelly soap store? Well, I was pretty surprised about the invitation, because I'm not a beauty product blogger nor am I willing to write reviews about products. This isn't me. (Although I have to admit that I love the smell of the products I was given, hrhrhr) But don't worry. This won't be a soap review post. Haha.. No No No. I was pretty happy when we were told that we could make our own soap. DIY. So I just want to share what I did. Afterwards, I was also inspired to search for some other DIY-SOAP projects. Christmas is almost here and why not looking for some cool handmade gifts already? (it's funny that I'm actually saying this, because I'm rather the last minute christmas gifts searcher).  Anyway..feel inspired by Lush and by some other DIY Soap projects:

---let the season of cosiness begin---

Make your own cosy light

Here I am again. Hope you had a wonderful month in September. Summer is over and the more dusky season begins: Hello autumn!. I often tend to be somehow sad and a little depressed during this colder + darker period due to the lack of sunlight; but changing my point of view on a lot of things in my daily life, (getting the best out of everything) showed me how these colder and sunless days can offer loads of brilliant moments as well. Especially when it comes to….. C O S I N E S S. HA! Don’t say you’re surprised now! (how dare you!)

Why season of cosiness? 

Make yourself a beautiful tree home interior There is that one (naked) wall in your house...

8 cute DIY ideas for kids to keep them busy

= you will have a few cosy hours for yourself...

I already mentioned some time ago that my mother has 5 kids. You can imagine how many ideas she had to come up with for keeping us busy, so that she could have a few cosy hours for herself. I know how hard it is for parents when kids are just hanging around, don't know what to do, are bored...  Remembering this, I feel the urge to make some research for cool DIY ideas for kids. In case you're a teacher (primary school) there may be a few ideas you can do at school as well. (Click on the images to get to the related websites)

Give your old flower pots a new stylish look! RE-use, RE-think and RE-Design some old pots! Tadaaaa.. Here is the next DIY-Tutorial. In only 2 steps! So here is the plan:  Make yourself a big cup of tea (or coffee) or homemade lemonade and take some time to...