DIY Paper Cactus

DIY Paper Cactus

DIY Paper Cactus

Create your own paper cactus

Hi paper lovers, 

you know… since I was little, my favorite activities have always been related to P A P E R. Drawing on paper, folding paper, using paper in whatever possible creative way annnd…oh how I loved to mess around with Papier Mâché pronounced as “pap-yay mash-ay. It seems that even as a grown-up I can’t ignore this versatile home-made material. You really can do any project you have in mind, for instance a really cool Paper Cactus!

Experimenting with paper

I decided to experiment with paper in a more sculptural way. So I did some research about “sculpture things” which would most likely fit in a cosy, modern, maybe even Scandinavian inspired home. Then I realized that the cactus trend is still very up to date, so yay… why not doing a paper cactus, or two, or three…

And here it is. Finally: my brand new DIY Paper project!

Little side note I want to add : You maybe know that I’m doing more and more illustrations. I’ve got several jobs in the meanwhile and that’s why my DIY projects had to wait a bit. Actually I’m also re-designing my website/blog to combine my illustrations and my DIY projects. I don’t want to confuse you by showing you my illustrations or even the process of them and they have nothing to do with crafting. So by having a new structure (I’m still working on it) I can share all of this with you. I’m really looking forward to it.

Paper Cactus

DIY Paper Cactus Tutorial
Let’s see the tutorial:

  1. Before you start modeling your cactus prepare your slimy papier mâché: Tutorial Papier mâché
  2. I’ve drawn a few cactus shapes onto cardboard paper and cut them out. Use toilet roll tubes for your pots.
  3. Here is my little preview slider where you can actually see, how I modeled each cactus shape with old newspaper. 
  4. The next step is all about covering your objects with white color. Afterwards you can decide on how you want to stylize them further. Should they be green or should they fit to the colors of your interior? It’s up to you. No rules here. Just let yourself go and experiment. The result of your DIY paper cactus will be awesome :)Paper Cactus
  5. I for instance, still like the simple black and white look. Paper Cactus
  6. I like to do some research about trend forecasts. Pinterest is very useful for this. Look at the colors, the pattern, the shapes.. well in fact collect everything you feel inspired by. Mix all these information together to create your own design.Paper CactusDIY Paper Cactus
  7. When you’re coloring, you may realize how hard it can be to work properly. Especially when you’re using brushes and you haven’t that much experience. So don’t be too hard to yourself when there are little imperfections. Paper Cactus
  8. Here is my little paper cactus collection: Paper CactusPaper Cactus

Hope you feel inspired. This is a project which takes its time, but I think it’s worth it. I even can imagine crafting some cool sculptures with kids. Why not creating a garden? A paper garden with paper carrots, paper potatoes, paper tomatoes… I think they will love it and you can keep them busy :)