DIY | Hello Cork Coasters

DIY Cork Coasters

DIY | Hello Cork Coasters

Lets’ make some funky cork coasters

Here is another very easy and eco-friendly DIY project which has also been part of the X-mas DIY-workshop in cooperation with Orla Collective: Making funky cork coasters! I wanted to show as many ways as possible for making mindful christmas gifts – in a more sustainable way. So one thing you can do is to choose an eco-friendly material such as CORK! I love cork for its versatility.DIY Cork Coasters

“It is a natural material, with strong added value in terms of touch and smell, and great versatility, which allows it to be easily carved, cut, shaped and formed.” 

HERZOG & DE MEURON (found this quotation here)


DIY Cork Coasters

Let’s see how easily you can make a funky + beautiful homemade gift out of cork! Your time, your attention and your creativity are just as valued as that store-bought gift!  

Homemade gifts are heartfelt gifts.

Hello cork coasters!

First, head to a hardware store and find some cork tiles. They exist in different thicknesses. I’ve chosen 8mm which is easy to handle for our purpose. 

DIY Cork Coasters

2. Step:  shape decision. figure out which shape you want your cork coasters to be: RECTANGULAR, ROUND, TRIANGLE, or…..HONEYCOMB <3 here again you can do some research before you start: Pinterest, interior magazines, home decor shops…

DIY Cork Coasters   DIY Cork Coasters

Make yourself a template. (I’ve used some cardboard leftovers)

DIY Cork Coasters

3. Step: Copy + Cut. Draw your shape onto the cork tile. Repeat this step several times. (If you want to make a whole cork coasters set for instance)

DIY Cork Coasters

Step 4: ***SPOTTED*** Tape. You may have already seen this before in my DIY-tutorials. Here again I’m using tape to prepare my design. Such a versatile tool. I love it. So all after the ‘cutting step’, prepare your design with tape (Ooops, Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this step, but if you have questions feel free to ask)DIY Cork Coasters

Step 5: color blocking. Make sure the tape is pressed down good and hard before moving to the next step. Cork is porous, so it will be easy for paint to creep under the edges of your tape. Then apply craft paint and let it dry. Remove the tape. That’s all. You’ve got it!

DIY Cork CoastersDIY Cork Coasters

You can even vary the size of your cork tiles if you want to. 

DIY Cork Coasters

Last step: (optional) Why not making a little gift set in combination with your hand-drawn porcelain objectsDIY Cork Coasters DIY Cork Coasters  DIY Cork CoastersDIY Cork Coasters

So hope you liked this eco-friendly + sustainable + funky + easy DIY-gift idea. Wish you a merry crafting!

In my next posts I’ll share some lovely gift wrapping paper inspiration. Stay tuned!

xxx Lynn

P.S. Yes…. the free goodies are waiting for you.. I haven’t forgotten it ;)