DIY at LUSH store in Aachen

Soapy Afternoon at Lush

DIY at LUSH store in Aachen

 Want to make your own soap?

Last week I’ve been invited to the Lush Store in Aachen which launched their Christmas products. Together with some 3 other nice bloggers we had a full explanation and demo of the products. I guess you all know that smelly soap store? Well, I was pretty surprised about the invitation, because I’m not a beauty product blogger nor am I willing to write reviews about products. This isn’t me. (Although I have to admit that I love the smell of the products I was given, hrhrhr) But don’t worry. This won’t be a soap review post. Haha.. No No No. I was pretty happy when we were told that we could make our own soap. DIY. So I just want to share what I did. Afterwards, I was also inspired to search for some other DIY-SOAP projects. Christmas is almost here and why not looking for some cool handmade gifts already? (it’s funny that I’m actually saying this, because I’m rather the last minute christmas gifts searcher). 

Anyway..feel inspired by Lush and by some other DIY Soap projects:

DIY Soap Lush

DIY Soap LushDIY Soap Lush

Each soap has a quite unique “look” due to the hand-made process. This is my personal result, tadaaaa : DIY Soap Lush

Speaking about soap… I just want to share one funny discovery with you…Have you already seen this red + slimy soap? …inspired by Santa’s “jelly” belly! I was giggling like a little girl once I saw it (simply love the texture of it, hrhrhr) And you know what – it’s with red wine..ho ho ho… (vegan red wine!)Soap from Lush | Christmas Edition

So in addition to this post I want to share 4 different inspiring DIY projects for making your own soap

Maybe you can already get an idea for skipping the expensive christmas gifts this year and instead getting more creative? Be inspired :-)Soap_Pattern

Think about giving meaningful hand-made gifts this year!

In my opinion, hand-made gifts are one of a kind, they are personal + made with love. AND: It’s really fun to make! 

♥ Hope I could inspire you a bit ♥

Oh… before I forget! Stay tuned for part III of my “cosy and creative lifestyle” where I’ll tell you about how I started my blog and about some reeeeeaaaallly lovely and creative people I’ve met due to my blog!