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Lets' make some funky cork coasters Here is another very easy and eco-friendly DIY project which has also been part of the X-mas DIY-workshop in cooperation with Orla Collective: Making funky cork coasters! I wanted to show as many ways as possible for making mindful christmas gifts – in a...

 Want to make your own soap?

Last week I've been invited to the Lush Store in Aachen which launched their Christmas products. Together with some 3 other nice bloggers we had a full explanation and demo of the products. I guess you all know that smelly soap store? Well, I was pretty surprised about the invitation, because I'm not a beauty product blogger nor am I willing to write reviews about products. This isn't me. (Although I have to admit that I love the smell of the products I was given, hrhrhr) But don't worry. This won't be a soap review post. Haha.. No No No. I was pretty happy when we were told that we could make our own soap. DIY. So I just want to share what I did. Afterwards, I was also inspired to search for some other DIY-SOAP projects. Christmas is almost here and why not looking for some cool handmade gifts already? (it's funny that I'm actually saying this, because I'm rather the last minute christmas gifts searcher).  Anyway..feel inspired by Lush and by some other DIY Soap projects:

Quick DiY | art print | My last post was about framing memories (or quotes) aaaaand I promised you an alternative tutorial, do you remember? (don't say you don't remember) So today, my post will be more of a mini-tutorial. (mini = mini) I don't want to beat around the bush. I wrote QUICK...

[Frame your memories]

Frames_Intro Oui Oui.. I am still in a typography mood!(in my trend spotting [Framed Quotes] I already gathered some inspirations...have a look). Oh and before I forget...Be careful! Typo-mood could be contagious...

Typography mood + retrospection of funny moments = framed memories.

If you are interested in a more minimalistic project (contrary to the wall project ), then you should have a look at this mini tutorial. You don’t remember any funny (or not) quotes from your past? When you were a little girl or boy? Let me give you a personal example: I remember my parents always gave me this really FRUSTRATING answer when I (again) wanted to keep up with the Joneses.  „Ech WËLL dat…awer“ (<— Luxembourgish language). So their LEGENDARY answer was always like this one: „Déi Wëll laafen am Bësch“. Yeah. Mind-blowing answer, isn’t it? Do you remember getting this answer, too ? Hm. I’m not sure if I could translate this sentence in English (Maybe there is someone who has any translation idea?) Okay, so here you have some cosy homework for today.

Birch wood? Yes!

Do you want to give your home interiors a personal touch? So maybe I've got something for you. Here is a simple DIY idea using birch wood to freshen up your furniture. For this shelving concept I needed a few white shelves at an affordable price and some birch branches, of course.

 DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Impressions, Luxembourgish DIY Blogger So, I went to IKEA... When walking through this store, it is like walking through a forest of ideas and inspirations. Ooh yes, I have to admit that it is a quite dangerous place for me, I always end up buying things I do not really need. Maybe you know what I am talking about and you have a similar feeling? I am sure about that :-)  Bon okay... Back to the shelves: I've bought a few of these LACK floating wall shelves. In white. Their clean and sleek look fits perfectly with the pale birch branches. So take a walk not only through the IKEA store. Take a walk through a REAL forest. It is a perfect place for getting plenty of ideas and inspirations using wood. AND! You will see, after a forest walk you'll feel cosier.  Let's have a look to my tutorial.