Framed Memories

Framed memories

Framed Memories

[Frame your memories]


Oui Oui.. I am still in a typography mood!(in my trend spotting [Framed Quotes] I already gathered some inspirations…have a look). Oh and before I forget…Be careful! Typo-mood could be contagious…

Typography mood + retrospection of funny moments = framed memories.

If you are interested in a more minimalistic project (contrary to the wall project ), then you should have a look at this mini tutorial.

You don’t remember any funny (or not) quotes from your past? When you were a little girl or boy? Let me give you a personal example: I remember my parents always gave me this really FRUSTRATING answer when I (again) wanted to keep up with the Joneses.  „Ech WËLL dat…awer“ (<— Luxembourgish language). So their LEGENDARY answer was always like this one: „Déi Wëll laafen am Bësch“. Yeah. Mind-blowing answer, isn’t it? Do you remember getting this answer, too ? Hm. I’m not sure if I could translate this sentence in English (Maybe there is someone who has any translation idea?)

Okay, so here you have some cosy homework for today.

Think about any quotes (memories) you may remember when you were little. I guess you certainly will end up writing a real page-turner! ;-)

Okay. Enough blabla. Here are some pics…

Framed memories

As you can see on the pictures above, I’m using the (floating) shelf for putting some decoration on it which I change every month. Truth: Every three month.

Framed memories

When I first saw this quote somewhere ⇑ (I really don’t remember where) it just made me laugh. So I used my lovely Photoshop program to write it down. Printed it. And framed it.

Framed memories

Yes. When I was a little girl I looooved some white bread with N U T E L L A ⇑. (and I always do..) 

Now, what do you need for this Mini-Framed-Memories-Tutorial?

–> | Quote(s)| Graphic software | Printer | Cutter | Frame | ±2h 

Et voilà. C’est tout :-)

***Happy “quoting” ***

As I already mentioned above…have a look at my trend spotting post [Framed Quotes] for some inspirations.

No? No Typo-mood? No framed memories? Still no inspirations? 

Then do this:  

  • Wait a few days.
  • Come back.
  • Have a look at a very simple alternative.

[[ Hope to see you soon ]]