DIY | Ikea meets Birch

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DIY | Ikea meets Birch

Birch wood? Yes!

Do you want to give your home interiors a personal touch? So maybe I’ve got something for you. Here is a simple DIY idea using birch wood to freshen up your furniture. For this shelving concept I needed a few white shelves at an affordable price and some birch branches, of course.

 DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Impressions, Luxembourgish DIY Blogger

So, I went to IKEA… When walking through this store, it is like walking through a forest of ideas and inspirations. Ooh yes, I have to admit that it is a quite dangerous place for me, I always end up buying things I do not really need. Maybe you know what I am talking about and you have a similar feeling? I am sure about that :-) 

Bon okay… Back to the shelves: I’ve bought a few of these LACK floating wall shelves. In white. Their clean and sleek look fits perfectly with the pale birch branches.

So take a walk not only through the IKEA store. Take a walk through a REAL forest. It is a perfect place for getting plenty of ideas and inspirations using wood. AND! You will see, after a forest walk you’ll feel cosier. 

Let’s have a look to my tutorial.

  • Step 1 |  What you need:

 DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Step 1

  • Step 2 | Decide how many shelves you need and how long they have to be. Do the same for the birch branches.

 DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Step2

  •  Step 3 | Sliding

 DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Step 3

And that’s it. I love simplicity.

Here are some further pictures of this easy DIY project.

 DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Impressions  DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Impressions DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Impressions   DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Impressions


Hope you’re inspired. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

And: Have a nice and cosy day :-)

P.S. Take a walk through the forest…