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Wonderfilled Magazine, an american online-magazine contacted me last year in 2016 to draw a map of Luxembourg City. This has been my very first commission and until this day I'm endlessly grateful that I had this cool opportunty! You'd like to have your Luxembourg City Map? I'm actually...

A few months ago Meg Jamison from asked me for a really interesting interview. Unfortunately, it hasn't been published yet on her website, but since I put a lot of effort to respond to these cool questions I wanted to share them with you :) Thank...

Here I am again! I promised you to write about the importance of having mentors. (OKAY. Yes ...

When I look back at the beginning of this year and to that particular moment where I have decided to go self-employed (in spring 2016) I can't believe what happened during all these months. Dreams are coming true. Little by little. Things are rolling so fast and I'm...

Before I went to Greece to visit my lovely creative genuises, Linda and David (from Kinlake) I had the idea of sharing free printable calendar sheets each month. I love to doodle in my free time, but sometimes I don't use any of my little...

Free printable easter tags + paper

Eggs, Chicks, Bunnies, Ducks, Birds, Flowers, and Carrots!
YAY! It's Easter time again! You're not really into the easter mood yet? Well ... let me help you with that: I want to share a special freebie with you. To say THANK YOU for your continued support, feedback  and to welcome all my new followers. All you have to do is to download the files, print them and cut them out. Freebie Easter, Ouschteren

Option: Make your own hand-drawn easter pattern!

COSYMORE's creative start 2016 I know. You are waiting for some new creative stuff. Right? Good news: It's all in progress. Bad news: you have to be a liiiiittle bit patient ...

Free gift wrapping paper HOHOHOooo, only 1 day left until Christmas! Do you still have to wrap your last little gifts? Or maybe you're just looking for a simple way to relax a few minutes – maybe even longer? Just focusing on one single thing? Well.. I may have...

Customize your gift wrapping paper

Did you know that in Japan gift wrapping paper is as important as the gift itself? They say that:
"Wrapping a gift = wrapping the heart"
Contrary to the western approach using 'random' wrapping paper to hide the present, Japanese choose the style of wrapping paper which harmonizes with the present. By showing how you wrap you express how you feel about the person, the receiver. The gift is marked by mindfulness and consideration. The process of giving, not the gift itself is the most important part.  So why not adding a very personal touch to your gifts?Christmas_DIY-(5-von-78) I'll show you some inspiring ideas to customize your own wrapping paper using brown craft paper. You're only limited to your imagination! Just follow these simple DIY-steps.

Brown craft paper meets lint roller

Supplies you need: 
  • brush 
  • craft paint (whatever you have at home) 
  • lint roller
  • foam paper + scissors
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • It doesn't have to be the glue as shown in the picture above. 
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • Cut out 3-6 shapes matching the season. It's Christmas time so I guess, little Christmas trees should work well for our purpose :) Of course you're free to choose other shapes (little hearts, stars, cactus, teddy bears...) Just think about the receiver. Which shape could suit him/her? I'm sure you will come up with a cool idea! 
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • Add some texture. Any tool with a narrow edge will work fine for this part.
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • Glue your different shapes all around your lint roller. 
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper
  • Here comes the fun part: Use a brush to apply craft paint onto the shapes. AND THEN: SIMPLY ROLL IT! (this action may take a few attempts, but it's not that difficult, just try it out and surprise yourself ;)
Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Maybe they won't look as perfect as you have expected it, but HEY- it's handmade. You should love the little imperfections!  Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Christmas DIY Wrapping Paper Want to see more wrapping ideas? Christmas wrapping paper

 Crazy block printing

Christmas wrapping paper