Dreams coming true

Lynn Cosyn / Cosymore Illustration Studio

Dreams coming true

When I look back at the beginning of this year and to that particular moment where I have decided to go self-employed (in spring 2016) I can’t believe what happened during all these months. Dreams are coming true. Little by little.

Things are rolling so fast and I’m only realizing it now that I haven’t written a post for a while now. I guess I was kind of overwhelmed by new opportunities, new things I had to learn, getting some structure in my independent work life.

Being self-employed

I must admit – it’s not always an easy task to manage being on your own, but a beautiful one though :) It’s really about DOING. Not being too scared of DOING things wrong neither. At the end it’s all about LEARNING BY DOING. And I still keep saying this to me. My life as an illustrator has just begun. I know there will be many many future situations where I have to take decisions, whether they will be good or not, right or wrong. I think it’s the process of it which will teach you HOW to do things differently in the future. So I had to take the decision that my blog life had to stand still for some time…

But here I am again (hopefully more often in the near future) and I wanted to tell you what happened so far :)

The Luxembourg City Map

Luxembourg City Map- Lynn Cosyn

In January 2016 I had the amazing opportunity to make an illustration for an american online-magazine, called WONDERFILLED MAGAZINE. The chief-editor Kelley Engelbrecht, of the magazine contacted me one day, after she had discovered my instagram account and so she asked me if I might be interested in illustrating a map of Luxembourg City. I’ll never forget this moment. This has been the key point where I started to believe in myself. Believing that I’m on my right way and that pursuing my dream of being an illustrator isn’t just a childhood-dream.

The feedback I’ve got of the map I made was simply amazing. That gave me a real boost of self-confidence. Thank you Kelley for this amazing chance you gave me :)

(Little note: If you’re interested in having a Luxembourg City Map – please feel free to contact me)

Union Commerciale de la ville de Luxembourg

I couldn’t be happier that I can draw for the Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg. All the illustrations I do for them, are related to shopping in Luxembourg. Although I’m not really a shopping queen, I love drawing “luxembourgish elements” – like the buildings of the city and combining them with a “shopping flair”. I am a fan of cute and warm-hearted things and I hope I can put a little smile to the beholder’s face by discovering my posters. It’s an incredible feeling when I’m discovering my work spread throughout the country. Never thought this might actually happen one day. But it did.

Street market in Luxembourg by Lynn Cosyn

Illustrator Lynn Cosyn from Luxembourg

Please look at my portfolio to see more of my work. There isn’t that much, yet. I only started this year (2016), so it will grow with time. In the meanwhile you can also follow me on instagram.

Next post:  about my lovely mentors

Yes, I think everyone needs a mentor or even more of them. The following time I’ll tell you more about who actually inspired me and pushed me to make these big steps into self-employment…

Stay tuned. I’m back [hopefully :)]