Creative start 2016

Spin Illustration friday Challenge

Creative start 2016

COSYMORE’s creative start 2016

I know. You are waiting for some new creative stuff. Right? Good news: It’s all in progress. Bad news: you have to be a liiiiittle bit patient …

This is why: a couple of months ago, I’ve told you about my willings to start my own little creative business and that I’ll surely won’t stop what I love doing:  >> ILLUSTRATIONS <<. (don’t worry, DIY projects will continue as well ;)– so no reason to “leave” Cosymore in 2016, hrhrhr) Behind the scenes of Cosymore there is quite a lot going on: DIY stuff, illustrations, printable goodies for YOU (yay!) and other creative things to inspire you.

What I want to tell you as well, is that I’ve got my very first illustration job in December! Woohooo! And I’m super excited to share it with you…very soon probably! (curious? okay okay I’ll only reveal this much: the keyword is LUXEMBOURG)! I’ll keep you posted! 

What else is going on behind the scenes of Cosymore?

Here is a tiny little look of what I’m doing behind the scenes of Cosymore: I’ve discovered a very inspiring platform for illustrators: It’s about a weekly drawing challenge. Every Friday a new topic is posted and then creative minds have exactly one week to come up with their own interpretation. The cool thing is, you can share  the artwork on their homepage.

For fear of doing something weird or stupid or simply being judged by peers, I was scared participating. (I don’t have that much experience in illustrations. Yet.) But then I remembered my own words of not being afraid doing mistakes and well…JUST DOING IT. So yes. I left my cosy comfort zone and this is what came out:

This week’s topic is: TROPICAL. 

My interpretation of it :”TROPICAL WINTER FEELINGS”


This is my very first paper illustration combined with other media. It was so much fun doing it and it really motivated me doing more and improving my skills! 


*** Little UPDATE: Illustration Friday Topic: SPIN, January 2016


I’m experimenting a lot with different techniques to find out what I love most. :)