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---let the season of cosiness begin---

Make your own cosy light

Here I am again. Hope you had a wonderful month in September. Summer is over and the more dusky season begins: Hello autumn!. I often tend to be somehow sad and a little depressed during this colder + darker period due to the lack of sunlight; but changing my point of view on a lot of things in my daily life, (getting the best out of everything) showed me how these colder and sunless days can offer loads of brilliant moments as well. Especially when it comes to….. C O S I N E S S. HA! Don’t say you’re surprised now! (how dare you!)

Why season of cosiness? 

Make yourself a beautiful tree home interior There is that one (naked) wall in your house...

Inspiring Interview with Gabriella from {Cinnamon Home}   Gabriella, you are te Owner of CINNAMON HOME. When did you decide to start your own business - your own online shop? It was a long decision process, but finally I have started to realize my idea 2 years ago, when...

.Concrete Home interiors.

I am in a trendspotting mood again. This time I go for concrete. Some of you might think that concrete with its rough surface doesn't fit in a cosy home interior... well, convince yourself and  take a look at these examples I've picked out. Simply click on the pictures to get the image source.

A DiY to combat spring lethargy?

 --> Yes yes!  Are you still suffering from spring lethargy? Tired. Bored. Yawning…To put it in a nutshell, you are a reeeal BED-Potato.  spring lethargy | my pug    Well, I have an inspiration for those who suffer from this dreadful condition. It’s even available without prescription and my DiY-doctor’s advice is for you to go to your bed. Simply speaking, you will recover in a bed YOU have designed yourself. Are you ready for this DO-IT-YOURSELF challenge? 

[Hello Home Interior Lovers]

In my last blog post I promised you a little surprise. Well, here it is: a little cosy mood board with cool black + white home accessories to inspire you...

Make your own desk using old wooden pallets

Never underestimate the versatility of old wooden pallets.

  How I came to this DIY furniture project.... It all began with my Mum's search for a very, very narrow desk. Unfortunately, she didn't find the right one. That's why I have done plenty of research on DIY furniture projects. The idea had to be SIMPLE, FEASIBLE and AFFORDABLE... Annnnd... If you also add RECYCLABLE – Pallets are just perfect to fulfill those criteria. You can find pallets in Garden stores or Hardware stores or maybe even your neighbors want to get rid of their pallets. If you find some old ones don't be upset by their dirty look. YES, used pallets are UGLY. But the cool thing is that your furniture (or your desk) made of old pallets has a lot of character! Pallet_Desk6 Voilà, ready to take a look at my DIY tutorial?

Birch wood? Yes!

Do you want to give your home interiors a personal touch? So maybe I've got something for you. Here is a simple DIY idea using birch wood to freshen up your furniture. For this shelving concept I needed a few white shelves at an affordable price and some birch branches, of course.

 DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Impressions, Luxembourgish DIY Blogger So, I went to IKEA... When walking through this store, it is like walking through a forest of ideas and inspirations. Ooh yes, I have to admit that it is a quite dangerous place for me, I always end up buying things I do not really need. Maybe you know what I am talking about and you have a similar feeling? I am sure about that :-)  Bon okay... Back to the shelves: I've bought a few of these LACK floating wall shelves. In white. Their clean and sleek look fits perfectly with the pale birch branches. So take a walk not only through the IKEA store. Take a walk through a REAL forest. It is a perfect place for getting plenty of ideas and inspirations using wood. AND! You will see, after a forest walk you'll feel cosier.  Let's have a look to my tutorial.

Furniture Makeover + Eco chic

May I introduce Miss Turquoise? I've found her at a flea-market last summer and I came up with the idea to get her a new look: "the TURQUOISE look".

Old furniture makeover, Eco chic, Luxembourgish DIY Blogger

I really love upcycling old furniture. I will show you how to transform old furniture into a new, fresh looking piece that reflects your personal style. It is quite simple and you need only three steps to do it, no matter your skill level.

Go to flea-markets, where you can discover plenty of inexpensive pieces which have the potential for customization. They are just waiting for you to pass by.. :-) Well.. Are you ready for this? Here we go. Step by Step.