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DIY | Pallet Desk

Make your own desk using old wooden pallets

Never underestimate the versatility of old wooden pallets.


How I came to this DIY furniture project….

It all began with my Mum’s search for a very, very narrow desk. Unfortunately, she didn’t find the right one. That’s why I have done plenty of research on DIY furniture projects. The idea had to be SIMPLE, FEASIBLE and AFFORDABLE… Annnnd… If you also add RECYCLABLE – Pallets are just perfect to fulfill those criteria. You can find pallets in Garden stores or Hardware stores or maybe even your neighbors want to get rid of their pallets. If you find some old ones don’t be upset by their dirty look. YES, used pallets are UGLY. But the cool thing is that your furniture (or your desk) made of old pallets has a lot of character!


Voilà, ready to take a look at my DIY tutorial?

  1. Rip apart the middle slats.DIY | Pallet Desk

  2.  Add 2 “new” slats at the back of your desk.DIY | Pallet Desk

  3.  Sand the pallet deskDIY | Pallet Desk

Tadaaaaa…. Now you are almost finished. You can finish your pallet desk by painting it the color you like. It takes about 2 days to do all these steps.

And here is my mum’s narrow desk.

DIY | Pallet Desk

DIY | Pallet Desk

If you still have any questions for building this… You know it… JUST ASK ME about everything you need :-)

Enjoy your cosy day. 

P.S.: If this project seems to be a bit too demanding at first, start with a little one .