DIY | Furniture Makeover | Eco chic

DIY | Furniture Makeover | Eco chic

Furniture Makeover + Eco chic

May I introduce Miss Turquoise? I’ve found her at a flea-market last summer and I came up with the idea to get her a new look: “the TURQUOISE look”.

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I really love upcycling old furniture. I will show you how to transform old furniture into a new, fresh looking piece that reflects your personal style. It is quite simple and you need only three steps to do it, no matter your skill level.

Go to flea-markets, where you can discover plenty of inexpensive pieces which have the potential for customization. They are just waiting for you to pass by.. :-)

Well.. Are you ready for this? Here we go. Step by Step.

Let’s begin with #step 1:


This dresser here was in a good shape, I’ve just sanded it a bit to make sure that the surfaces are ready for their new color. Laminate surfaces don’t need to be sanded first. If you do it, do it carefully.

Before applying the paint, use a primer. The primer is useful to create a surface that your paint can adhere to. Let the primer dry overnight.

Now, you can move on to #step 2:


I’ve used these 2 different paint brushes (look at the picture above). The foam paint roller is very useful to avoid any brush marks. Apply two coats of paint.

If you like that kind of shabby, eco-chic look, go further to #step 3:


All you need for this part, is  120-180 grit sandpaper. Create different levels of distress. Take your time for this: DE-STRESS yourself. You will love your final result. It’s just another beautiful project to put you in a creative and cosy mood.

If you have any questions ->Feel free to contact me.

Here are more pictures of MISS TURQUOISE.