DIY | Tree Home Interior

Tree Home Interior

DIY | Tree Home Interior

Make yourself a beautiful tree home interior

Tree Home Interior

There is that one (naked) wall in your house… and you absolutely have no idea how to decorate it. There is just nothing which fits (pictures, art, lamps…)

Well.. this was a bit the problem in my case..As always, I came up with an idea during a walk in the forest. (surprise surprise, höhö). I wanted something natural. Something changeable. extendable. But still something with a modern + artistic + ‘designy look’. 

Tree Home Interior

Depending on the size of your wall or free space, look for some nice boughs: Big + small ones. 

The following pictures show you how I did the home interior tree:

Okay, let’s start with our new DIY project:


No you don’t have to find the perfect tree and carry it home… 

Look at this gem! So nice!


First of all, get rid of the bark.


I used these tools to remove it: 


I know it’s a lot of work but it will look very cool at the end! Just keep on sanding :) 


The next step will be about how to fix your boughs.


You can find such a stepping stone at a construction market. Look for it at the garden department. This one was about 10-15€, very affordable. 

Another important thing to buy is a threaded rod. Choose the right size depending on the lengths of your DIY-tree.

Hmhmh…I have to admit something: for this ‘drilling machine part’ I asked my dad for help to fix it all together. So you’re allowed to ask someone else if you don’t dare to do it yourself :)


Ha! However, I was able to handle the following step myself. Oh yeahhh…:


And this is the result: I’m quite happy about it. It looks so ‘pure’ + ‘clean’, doesn’t it? 


Decorate it the way you want it. You can even adapt your additional decoration to the season: 



(click here for this tutorial)

Okay.. this is a bit weird to post a “christmas decoration picture” in the middle of summer…I hope you’re not shocked ;) 


This is it. Hope I could inspire you a bit. 

See you soon,

oh and stay cosy + creative (no… I don’t avoid repeating myself ^^)