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Make yourself a beautiful tree home interior There is that one (naked) wall in your house...

Branch out!...into another naturally inspired DIY project!

After having shared my last DIY idea about a tree branch clothing rack – I want to show you the other part of this interior project.

Here's a very easy + quick DIY wall decoration idea:

||||| A tree branch picture hanger |||||

The cool thing is: You don't need any nails or glue!

--- Naturally inspired ---

Make yourself a tree branch clothing rack

Tree Rack What about spending a cosy afternoon in the nature? When did you last go for a walk in the woods? Even without a dog you should regularly spend some time outside your four walls ... Go into the woods, get lost, get inspired, take some fresh air and come back home in a really cosy mood. Talking about woods...when you're finding yourself between hundreds of beautiful trees... have you already noticed that every single tree has its own unique shape? Yes true story: It sometimes happens that I'm comparing trees to human beings! Don't laugh - I really like that unusual comparison: There is no human being which has exactly the same look, personality, background story, the same thoughts or feelings...everyone is unique, right? And so are the trees :) It reminds me from time to time that everyone should be happy about his or her uniqueness. (However this post is not supposed to be a how-to-love-yourself-guide- let's get to the point) I will show you my "forest inspiration", a new DIY project: A tree branch clothing rack.
Bits of nature rule the roost! Get ready for this new DiY Interior Project!
Decorating your room with raw natural materials gives your piece a unique style! Be inspired:

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