Tree planting

Tree planting

How to plant a tree

Hello my creative folks,

Do you love your mindful and conscious lifestyle and you would like to be a contributor to a green world? This post is for those of you, who love nature! You don’t have to be a nature freak, nor do you need a green thumb or own a garden. The only thing you need for this tree planting project is… tadaaaa… to WRITE. Not a poem, not a novel or anything like this. Okay okay, I’ll tell you the secret: you have to describe a term of sustainability. For each description a tree will be planted.

re:BLOG is a sustainability blog which encourages each of us to enhance our knowledge and helps trees grow. And before I forget! You can win a MBM-Bike. For those who need a “little” motivation.

I think this writing project is just adorable and I hope I can inspire you to participate! Take some of your time and just do it. You’ll feel great afterwards.

I chose the term “grey energy” and you can find it here: (in german)

Green world = cosy world :)