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Mood board | Black + White

[Hello Home Interior Lovers]

In my last blog post I promised you a little surprise. Well, here it is: a little cosy mood board with cool black + white home accessories to inspire you…


Mood Board Black + White

  1. Do you want a cup of tea?à-thé
  2. Have a seat! I discovered this really cool stool “Iceflower” on kare-design!
  3. If you are looking for a simplistic wall clock, this one could be the ONE…
  4. Enjoy your cocktail in the afternoon sun with these adorable black& white straws! Eye-catching!
  5. Do you know cinnamonhome already ? No? Oh! Hurry up! It is a must-see! Have a look! There are plenty of wonderful cosy home accessories …cosymore fell in love …♥♥♥
  6. Do you know House of Rym? I’m a big fan of this design. Have a look. Oh and guess can find it on cinnamonhome :)
  7. What do you think about this little table in nordic style?
  8. Springtime = Flooooowertime. Need a vase? In black + white?

{How I came to this idea of creating a mood board}

Every time I look at magazines for new home interior inspirations I’m disappointed because a lot of great + cool pieces aren’t available in Luxembourg. 

I don’t know if this sounds familiar to you, but here is my idea:

I want to make a nice collage including lovely home accessories which are available in Luxembourg. By creating a mood board I want to share all my discoveries and findings with you.

My last color board influenced my black + white mood. Hope you like it and you’re inspired :-)