DIY | RE-Design your Flower Pots

DIY | RE-Design your Flower Pots

Give your old flower pots a new stylish look!

RE-use, RE-think and RE-Design some old pots! Tadaaaa.. Here is the next DIY-Tutorial. In only 2 steps! So here is the plan: 

Make yourself a big cup of tea (or coffee) or homemade lemonade and take some time to get creative. Allow your mind to be free of the internet, your phone and TV.

Just you and your “pots”!


Flower Pot

Dear flower pots! Don’t get out of patience!


Here is a small list of materials you’ll need:


Before you start with the spraying process, just make sure they are clean. Remove any dust. And theeeen: 


Flower Pot

Okay. Gooood. First step completed. 

Flower Pot Spray

Now move on to the following step. To paint on some cool shapes and pattern you can use a black spray or/ and a black permanent marker. I also used some tape to define my shapes. (Unfortunately, I haven’t done some pictures of the drawing process, but you can see the result in the pictures. It won’t be that difficult. I promise.)

Flower Pot + Tape

Combining black and white with a colored background is a perfect match. Don’t you think? If you like that minimalistic look, too, don’t make your pattern too complex.

Flower Pot

You know it. I know it. Soooo.. Surprise surprise. May I present you this complex pattern: DOTS. (I love dots – to tell those who don’t know me yet)

Flower Pot

Do you have a cactus at home? What do you think about this combination?

Flower Pot + Cactus

Flower Pot + Succulent

Flower Pot + Succulent

Have fun with RE-Designing your old flower pots :-) You will like it. They will like it.

Don’t forget to stay cosy :-)