Growing herbs is both fun and rewarding! How do you label your plants in your garden? There are so many creative recycling ideas to add a personal touch to it! Personally, I like to keep an eye out for cute markers that make gardening more organised :) So I...

Branch out!...into another naturally inspired DIY project!

After having shared my last DIY idea about a tree branch clothing rack – I want to show you the other part of this interior project.

Here's a very easy + quick DIY wall decoration idea:

||||| A tree branch picture hanger |||||

The cool thing is: You don't need any nails or glue!

--- Naturally inspired ---

Make yourself a tree branch clothing rack

Tree Rack What about spending a cosy afternoon in the nature? When did you last go for a walk in the woods? Even without a dog you should regularly spend some time outside your four walls ... Go into the woods, get lost, get inspired, take some fresh air and come back home in a really cosy mood. Talking about woods...when you're finding yourself between hundreds of beautiful trees... have you already noticed that every single tree has its own unique shape? Yes true story: It sometimes happens that I'm comparing trees to human beings! Don't laugh - I really like that unusual comparison: There is no human being which has exactly the same look, personality, background story, the same thoughts or feelings...everyone is unique, right? And so are the trees :) It reminds me from time to time that everyone should be happy about his or her uniqueness. (However this post is not supposed to be a how-to-love-yourself-guide- let's get to the point) I will show you my "forest inspiration", a new DIY project: A tree branch clothing rack.
Bits of nature rule the roost! Get ready for this new DiY Interior Project!
Decorating your room with raw natural materials gives your piece a unique style! Be inspired:

Hello dear creative folks, This will be very short post! Just want to announce that I am a happy contributor to a lovely online magazine ORLA COLLECTIVE. Have a look. You will love it! Hope you like my post as well. It´s about a little REcycling project . Here you have...

Wanna doodle and stay cosy?

Doodle Frames Title Oh you don't know what doodling means? Of course you know! Have you never been proud of your amaaaaaaamazing drawings that came out after a 2-hours phone call? Or when you have to call an administrative officer and you're forced to wait on hold - during 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 30 minutes (Exaggerating? No!) It's difficult to stay cosy then, right? Especially when you spend 15 minutes listening to awful hold music that sounds like an early phonograph. So... printed letters get a face, hair, legs... or beautiful decorative borders appear around the edge of a paper...or flowers grow all over your magazine...or any kind of scribble that seem to make no sense at all..or or or... Doodles may be patterns, shapes, crazy lines. They may be complex or childish. Generally, doodles are produced in an idle moment. I think doodling helps relieve boredom. While doodling you can relax and stay focused, don't you think? Okay, let's switch to the main part of this post.

A DiY to combat spring lethargy?

 --> Yes yes!  Are you still suffering from spring lethargy? Tired. Bored. Yawning…To put it in a nutshell, you are a reeeal BED-Potato.  spring lethargy | my pug    Well, I have an inspiration for those who suffer from this dreadful condition. It’s even available without prescription and my DiY-doctor’s advice is for you to go to your bed. Simply speaking, you will recover in a bed YOU have designed yourself. Are you ready for this DO-IT-YOURSELF challenge? 

[Last Minute Easter DiY]


OOOhhh sorry EGGS, sorry RABBITS, BUNNIES... Easter is just around the corner and I am a bit late getting my easter decorations out...but anyway....I did manage to do a little Last Minute DiY to get you in the spring easter spirit. (I'm feeling a little proud of myself, höhö....) Happy Easter to all of you :-)   Have  a look:

Quick DiY | art print | My last post was about framing memories (or quotes) aaaaand I promised you an alternative tutorial, do you remember? (don't say you don't remember) So today, my post will be more of a mini-tutorial. (mini = mini) I don't want to beat around the bush. I wrote QUICK...

[Frame your memories]

Frames_Intro Oui Oui.. I am still in a typography mood!(in my trend spotting [Framed Quotes] I already gathered some inspirations...have a look). Oh and before I forget...Be careful! Typo-mood could be contagious...

Typography mood + retrospection of funny moments = framed memories.

If you are interested in a more minimalistic project (contrary to the wall project ), then you should have a look at this mini tutorial. You don’t remember any funny (or not) quotes from your past? When you were a little girl or boy? Let me give you a personal example: I remember my parents always gave me this really FRUSTRATING answer when I (again) wanted to keep up with the Joneses.  „Ech WËLL dat…awer“ (<— Luxembourgish language). So their LEGENDARY answer was always like this one: „Déi Wëll laafen am Bësch“. Yeah. Mind-blowing answer, isn’t it? Do you remember getting this answer, too ? Hm. I’m not sure if I could translate this sentence in English (Maybe there is someone who has any translation idea?) Okay, so here you have some cosy homework for today.

| Spring cleaning Challenge = full of surprises | 

Wooden Wall Collage Spring is just around the corner and your home is still in hibernation? Really? Well, then it’s time for a spring cleaning challenge. Okay. I know. Decluttering your home isn’t the most interesting and exciting project to do. But I tell you what, you’ll feel happier and calmer afterwards. I don’t know what you feel like, but personally I often feel stressed by a visual chaos. And there is another point: you can find forgotten treasures. Who knows how many precious things are just waiting for you to be rediscovered. So I guess you want to know what I’ve found? Right? Well, I helped my father decluttering the attic of his old house, when suddenly a very big wooden box caught my eye and „wwwooosh“ a new DIY idea was born.Wooden Box | make over Look what happened to it.