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DIY | Doodle Frames

Wanna doodle and stay cosy?

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Oh you don’t know what doodling means? Of course you know! Have you never been proud of your amaaaaaaamazing drawings that came out after a 2-hours phone call? Or when you have to call an administrative officer and you’re forced to wait on hold – during 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 30 minutes (Exaggerating? No!) It’s difficult to stay cosy then, right? Especially when you spend 15 minutes listening to awful hold music that sounds like an early phonograph. So… printed letters get a face, hair, legs… or beautiful decorative borders appear around the edge of a paper…or flowers grow all over your magazine…or any kind of scribble that seem to make no sense at all..or or or… Doodles may be patterns, shapes, crazy lines. They may be complex or childish. Generally, doodles are produced in an idle moment.

I think doodling helps relieve boredom. While doodling you can relax and stay focused, don’t you think?

Okay, let’s switch to the main part of this post.

Last week I went to AVA, a crafting shop in Howald (Luxembourg). This store is more like a paper paradise but you always find something useful. (like almost everywhere when I go shopping.. höhö) Okay, anyway – I discovered some cute little wooden frames and so my next DIY project was born = Doodle Frames! Have a look:

Doodle Frames – Recipe:

Doodle frames – recipe

Doodle Frames

Inspired to start doodling? (by the way – you don’t have to call an administrative officer for this :-P )

Keep doodling and stay cosy :)