Early spring cleaning challenge

Early spring cleaning challenge

| Spring cleaning Challenge = full of surprises | 

Wooden Wall Collage

Spring is just around the corner and your home is still in hibernation? Really? Well, then it’s time for a spring cleaning challenge. Okay. I know. Decluttering your home isn’t the most interesting and exciting project to do. But I tell you what, you’ll feel happier and calmer afterwards. I don’t know what you feel like, but personally I often feel stressed by a visual chaos. And there is another point: you can find forgotten treasures. Who knows how many precious things are just waiting for you to be rediscovered. So I guess you want to know what I’ve found? Right? Well, I helped my father decluttering the attic of his old house, when suddenly a very big wooden box caught my eye and „wwwooosh“ a new DIY idea was born.Wooden Box | make over

Look what happened to it. 


Wooden Wall | Front View

Wooden Wall

I do like my new reclaimed wood wall with the floating shelf. (by the way: floating shelves = a trend that I foresee being popular this year…)

Recycle. Redesign. Step by Step 

For this DIY project, you don’t need to find a wooden box at your deepest and dirtiest corners of your house. Simple euro-pallets or planks can be recycled or reused, too. (see here for other projects)


  1. Step: Find a corner in your home where you want to incorporate reclaimed wood. 
  2. Step: Measure the area and make a little sketch before fixing the planks to the wall
  3. Step: Fix your under-construction. It’s not complicated at all. You can do it!
  4. Step: Fix the planks (If you want to, you can even apply a color to it)
  5. Step: Be proud of your new DIY-Cosy-Wall.

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If you are interested in a more minimalistic project (contrary to the wall project ), then you should see these little DiY-projects.

Happy sunny + cosy Sunday! 

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