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Some extra colouring pages for you or your kiddies

Given the circumstances, I thought about creating some illustrations to colour. For your kiddies. Or for those of you who are desperately in need to keep your little ones busy busy busy during this tough Covid-19-times.

Simply download the files and print them :)

Maybe I’ll be able to add more within the next weeks <3

Would love to see the results.

Take care and stay healthy <3

Lots of love,


Oh September. I love you.

Happy first day of September.

For me, September is kind of the “other January”. Time for a fresh start. During my childhood, September was the month where I could get new pencils, fresh notebooks, wear new clothes and simply start a new season. And someohow this feeling has never gone away :) What about you?  How do you feel about the month of September?

Of course, I prepared a new wallpaper for you. Feel free to download your September 2019 here:

Let’s make it a month to remember <3

Lots of love,


Freebie by Lynn Cosyn

Your new freebie calendar is waiting for you!

New month. New download for you. Yes, that’s right. I created a brand new wallpaper especially for YOU my dear. Get ready for the new month!

Feel free to download your wallpaper for August 2019.

Enjoy the month of AUGUST and soak up every moment from these long beautiful summer days!

Lots of love,


Freebie by Lynn Cosyn

Freebie - Calendar July 2019

Love changing up your device wallpaper? So I might have something for you :)

I thought about creating a wallpaper calendar each month for staying motivated by simply creating new things, trying out new color combinations or even new artisitc directions. And the best thing about all this. I can eventually make you smile with my little freebie.

Feel free to download your wallpaper for JULY 2019.

Enjoy the month of JULY and grab all the sunshine you can get :)

Lots of love,


{Elegant + Chic + Cosy + Trendy} May I present you my new favorite color mix: Copper + Rose. I really like to combine pastels with metallic. The contrast of hard materials and soft tones create a very beautiful balance. Mix pastels with greyish or darker shades and geometric pattern to make a harmonious...

How to plant a tree Hello my creative folks, Do you love your mindful and conscious lifestyle and you would like to be a contributor to a green world? This post is for those of you, who love nature! You don't have to be a nature freak, nor do you...

Wanna doodle and stay cosy?

Doodle Frames Title Oh you don't know what doodling means? Of course you know! Have you never been proud of your amaaaaaaamazing drawings that came out after a 2-hours phone call? Or when you have to call an administrative officer and you're forced to wait on hold - during 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 30 minutes (Exaggerating? No!) It's difficult to stay cosy then, right? Especially when you spend 15 minutes listening to awful hold music that sounds like an early phonograph. So... printed letters get a face, hair, legs... or beautiful decorative borders appear around the edge of a paper...or flowers grow all over your magazine...or any kind of scribble that seem to make no sense at all..or or or... Doodles may be patterns, shapes, crazy lines. They may be complex or childish. Generally, doodles are produced in an idle moment. I think doodling helps relieve boredom. While doodling you can relax and stay focused, don't you think? Okay, let's switch to the main part of this post.

You'll need a perfect vase (in grey) Springtime = Flowertime Today is about SPRING. Explore my new mood board with adorable vases in --> GREY <---. Disappointed about the color choice? You probably think that grey isn't a fresh "spring color" and maybe you are even right...

A DiY to combat spring lethargy?

 --> Yes yes!  Are you still suffering from spring lethargy? Tired. Bored. Yawning…To put it in a nutshell, you are a reeeal BED-Potato.  spring lethargy | my pug    Well, I have an inspiration for those who suffer from this dreadful condition. It’s even available without prescription and my DiY-doctor’s advice is for you to go to your bed. Simply speaking, you will recover in a bed YOU have designed yourself. Are you ready for this DO-IT-YOURSELF challenge? 

[Last Minute Easter DiY]


OOOhhh sorry EGGS, sorry RABBITS, BUNNIES... Easter is just around the corner and I am a bit late getting my easter decorations out...but anyway....I did manage to do a little Last Minute DiY to get you in the spring easter spirit. (I'm feeling a little proud of myself, höhö....) Happy Easter to all of you :-)   Have  a look:

[Hello Home Interior Lovers]

In my last blog post I promised you a little surprise. Well, here it is: a little cosy mood board with cool black + white home accessories to inspire you...

[Hello Black Coffee Monday]

Black. White. A pinch of Beige. Another Beige… I think everyday life is an inexhaustible source of color inspiration. That’s why I thought about sharing a color board. Once a week. Actually I wanted to share this one already on Saturday. (Hrrrrrr I didn’t manage, but..oh.. in return I have new stuff to offer very very soon!)For now, starting with a Black Coffee on Monday isn’t that bad,is it?  

{Greedy for colors}

Quick DiY | art print | My last post was about framing memories (or quotes) aaaaand I promised you an alternative tutorial, do you remember? (don't say you don't remember) So today, my post will be more of a mini-tutorial. (mini = mini) I don't want to beat around the bush. I wrote QUICK...