Mood Board | Copper + Rose

Mood Board | Copper + Rose

{Elegant + Chic + Cosy + Trendy}

May I present you my new favorite color mix: Copper + Rose. I really like to combine pastels with metallic. The contrast of hard materials and soft tones create a very beautiful balance. Mix pastels with greyish or darker shades and geometric pattern to make a harmonious blend of color. Don’t worry, your room won’t be looking too “sweet”… 

Reflective surfaces + warm and soft tones

= a chic and cosy flair

Et voilà, my new mood board:


  1. Put your fruits in this eye-catching basket
  2. Simple + elegant glass light with a copper ring
  3. Shine baby, shine…(cone-shaped lamp)
  4. Annnnd another lovely light
  5. A gorgeous geometric votive
  6. Hello kids! This is for you: a cushion in soft rose + geometric pattern
  7. You wanna smarten up your table?ée-feather