Freebies and more

Some extra colouring pages for you or your kiddies

Given the circumstances, I thought about creating some illustrations to colour. For your kiddies. Or for those of you who are desperately in need to keep your little ones busy busy busy during this tough Covid-19-times.

Simply download the files and print them :)

Maybe I’ll be able to add more within the next weeks <3

Would love to see the results.

Take care and stay healthy <3

Lots of love,


Oh September. I love you.

Happy first day of September.

For me, September is kind of the “other January”. Time for a fresh start. During my childhood, September was the month where I could get new pencils, fresh notebooks, wear new clothes and simply start a new season. And someohow this feeling has never gone away :) What about you?  How do you feel about the month of September?

Of course, I prepared a new wallpaper for you. Feel free to download your September 2019 here:

Let’s make it a month to remember <3

Lots of love,


Freebie by Lynn Cosyn

Your new freebie calendar is waiting for you!

New month. New download for you. Yes, that’s right. I created a brand new wallpaper especially for YOU my dear. Get ready for the new month!

Feel free to download your wallpaper for August 2019.

Enjoy the month of AUGUST and soak up every moment from these long beautiful summer days!

Lots of love,


Freebie by Lynn Cosyn

Freebie - Calendar July 2019

Love changing up your device wallpaper? So I might have something for you :)

I thought about creating a wallpaper calendar each month for staying motivated by simply creating new things, trying out new color combinations or even new artisitc directions. And the best thing about all this. I can eventually make you smile with my little freebie.

Feel free to download your wallpaper for JULY 2019.

Enjoy the month of JULY and grab all the sunshine you can get :)

Lots of love,


Oh làlàlà! I can't believe it took me so long to update my online shop. But it's done now :) YUHU! All set up! The prints (from my exhibition) are waiting for you <3 Oh and do you know what? I've picked up 500 cardboard sheets last week! So...

YAY! A miracle happened! I finally managed to update my tiny online shop and added prints from my exhibition "Lynn's Little Luxembourg". My very first exhibition For those who don't know: In November 2017, I had my very own exhibition in Luxembourg, at the Kulturhaus Niederanven, KHN. The...

YAY! I did a tiny update of my online shop! NEW PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE! I've got quite a lot of emails these last weeks and months from people all over the world: I've been asked if my illustrations could be purchased :) I am so so grateful...

Wonderfilled Magazine, an american online-magazine contacted me last year in 2016 to draw a map of Luxembourg City. This has been my very first commission and until this day I'm endlessly grateful that I had this cool opportunty! You'd like to have your Luxembourg City Map? I'm actually...

A few months ago Meg Jamison from asked me for a really interesting interview. Unfortunately, it hasn't been published yet on her website, but since I put a lot of effort to respond to these cool questions I wanted to share them with you :) Thank...

When I look back at the beginning of this year and to that particular moment where I have decided to go self-employed (in spring 2016) I can't believe what happened during all these months. Dreams are coming true. Little by little. Things are rolling so fast and I'm...

Before I went to Greece to visit my lovely creative genuises, Linda and David (from Kinlake) I had the idea of sharing free printable calendar sheets each month. I love to doodle in my free time, but sometimes I don't use any of my little...

Add spring to your desktop Last week I've been in such a good spring mood that I've even decided to work outside on my tiny balcony. Not only have I been inspired by the gorgeous spring flair outside of my studio, but also by an old vintage flower book. I am so so...