Exhibition “Lynn’s Little Luxembourg”


Exhibition “Lynn’s Little Luxembourg”

YAY! A miracle happened!

I finally managed to update my tiny online shop and added prints from my exhibition “Lynn’s Little Luxembourg”.

My very first exhibition

For those who don’t know: In November 2017, I had my very own exhibition in Luxembourg, at the Kulturhaus Niederanven, KHN. The exhibition lasted for a month. It has been an amazing experience! It definitely was a challenge for me, but a great one! Not only did I learn a lot about colors and compositions, but also how to take a step back and make drawings for myself. Not for a client. There’s a slight difference in the process. Somehow, I felt much more pressure. I told myself: OKAY LYNN, you have that ONE chance, take it and make the best out of it. If there are people coming specially to see YOUR exhibition, you don’t want to disappoint these people, right? You want to surprise them. Make them smile. :)

Challenging targets

I aimed to set challenging targets and to be able to measure and regularly review my own progress. As you might know, I’m a self-taught illustrator and I constantly want to improve myself in what I’m doing for a living. I want to become more and more confident in it. Still, my drawing process is very technical. Firstly, I’m doing a lot research before each and every drawing. Then, I start mixing colors for hours until I find the right combination. The next step is about drawing many little samples of each painting. (see pictures below) As I wanted to show mostly original drawings –NO PHOTOSHOP, NO CTRL+Z –…well, I can tell you that this has definitely been my biggest challenge. :)

Here are some pictures of my preparations:

Sketches-PreparationsSketches, Preparations

My big map project: (worked day n’ night on this one… ^^)

Preparations for KHNLynn's little map of Luxembourg CityLynn's little map of Luxembourg City

Kachkeis, Ausstellung Niederanven KHN

My best help and motivator during the exhibition preps <3 :

Okay, now I talked enough about me :)

Feel free to visit my little online shop, maybe there is a print waiting for you <3