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Outside working

Free Desktop Wallpaper

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Outside workingLast week I’ve been in such a good spring mood that I’ve even decided to work outside on my tiny balcony. Not only have I been inspired by the gorgeous spring flair outside of my studio, but also by an old vintage flower book. I am so so glad my mother kept all these old books as vintage drawings are my main inspiration source. One more reason I love visiting flea markets… :)

What I love most about spring is its colors. Being surrounded by all these different beautiful flowers and these endless different tones of green is just wonderful. Since I’m sitting most of the time during the day behind my desk and I am quite sure I am not the only one, I decided to bring some of that spring feeling to my workspace. And to yours of course!

Download your FREE Floral Wallpaper

So make your workplace more colorful by simply downloading this hand-drawn floral wallpaper to brighten your day each time you’re looking at it :) There are 2 different sizes of wallpaper waiting for you:

Welcome gift - Spring Wallpaper

Wallpaper Spring

Spring Wallpaper


I’m pretty sure you’re waiting as much as I do that spring will finally manage to arrive! Hope you’ll enjoy my first designed wallpapers. Share this post, if you liked it :)

Happy Sunday! Stay cosy! 

See you soon! (with some exciting news, hrhrhr ^^)