Never stop doing what you love

— Never stop doing what you love

“…and never stop loving what you do”

These are quotes which I wrote down in one of my little notebooks when I was a sixteen year old girl – in the middle of puberty. Don’t laugh! I’m pretty sure everyone went through this “quote-writing-time” as a teenager: quotes were absolutely hip. When you weren’t able to figure out how to express your feelings. Well quotes did it for you. Don’t deny it. :-)

Okay well, nowadays I still love quotes. Different ones of course. (not those sentimental heartache quotes)

“Never stop doing what you love”

It’s been nearly a year since I started my little cosy DIY-blog. I immediately fell in love with my blogging work. I love drawing, taking pictures, recycling + redesigning beautiful things and then putting everything together to share it – WITH YOU. And you know what? I won’t stop doing it. 

Last month I’ve got a mail from a german editor: “…we discovered your beautiful website and want to feature a DIY project from you in our Magazine MYWAY…. Would you accept?”

Ooohh my goooodness! I was so so excited to hear that! What? Me? My blog in a german magazine? WOW! I was speechless. Of course, I agreed and so I had to be patient until this week. 

Tadaaaa.. here it is: the new issue from the MYWAY Magazine: (do you also see the other magazine in the pic? : scroll down..)Magazines_Cover 

There I am..annnnd my Ikea meets birch project. I like the page layout very much, hrhrhrhr :-) Thank you, team of MYWAY Magazine.Cosymore in MYWAY

In the same month I’ve got a mail from Nicole Werkmeister, a very sympathetic lifestyle journalist who works for Luxemburger Wort, the biggest selling newspaper in Luxembourg! She asked me if she could make a home story about me and my DIY-Projects. 100 joyful leaps later, I wrote her back to agree. Of course. 

Every month an additional magazine to Luxemburger Wort is published, called WORTEX. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realised that the home story article was about 4 pages long! 

All this is so incredibly motivating. A big ‘THANK YOU’ to Nicole who made this happen.

Cosymore in Wortex

Cosymore in Wortex

Are you curious about the article (it’s written in german), here is the Cosymore_Wortex_PDF.

What I want to add in this post as well: 

I never thought I would appear in a magazine due to my blogging. I am still euphoric about all this and it pushes me to keep on doing what I love. In the near future I want to share more about my personal life: about my career change, about how I create my cosy and creative lifestyle, my personal inspirations and many other things. I hope I’ll be able to inspire you as well to spend more time with the things you love. 

Little homework for you:

  • Think about your passions: 
  • What did you love as a child? (the truest passions emerge in the childhood)
  • Let a friend or family member tell you what they think you are doing the most enthusiastically. Maybe you will be surprised by their answers. 
  • What about turning your passions into projects? Think big and start small (<– hrhrhr…another quote)

I wish you a very lovely and cosy weekend. Stay tuned. More about my lifestyle change very sooooon.