Inspiration | 15 different inspiring workspaces

Inspiring Workspaces

Inspiration | 15 different inspiring workspaces

Yes. I know it’s Summer. You don’t want to think or talk about [WORK]spaces

I get that. BUT. If you are spending a lot of time behind your desk, during the week, on weekends, when it’s sunny or rainy… no matter when: Make sure you have an inspiring workspace. I mean it. Seriously. The best places to work engages all five senses: everything from colors + music to smells + tastes. Maximize your creativity.

By the way, by talking about creativity I am thinking about kids. Yes right! Those little cute, curious and creative monsters :) Do your kids like to draw? to write? to craft? to read? Or, maybe they’re ready to start school at first grade? I think you should make them feel proud by giving them their own cool desk. They will do their homework everyyyyday! (Okay. No. Maybe not. But it’s worth giving it a try at least)

I’ll show you 15 different workspaces to give you some nice ideas. Be inspired!

First, we start with some shades of white to make your workspace look clean and cosy. You can’t do anything wrong by choosing white color:

Maybe you want to add a chalkboard? : 

A more natural + simple look using wood and basic elements:

Want an elegant look? Combine dark wood + white walls and add a few black elements. Unfortunately I can’t find the right source anymore. Here are some information I could take from Pinterest: RUM – offices 2011 NO. 09 Photographer: Mikkel Rahr Mortensen Stylist: Gitte Kjær Photographer Assistent: Camilla Brændgaard

If you only do one thing to optimise your workplace: invest in a green plant, or two, or three….

What do you think about this beautiful minimalistic workspace? 

I love the next one as well:

Here is another lovely space with a touch of calm:

The following workspaces are more colorful in case you would like to add some colors to it: 

Now. Kids. It’s your turn. Or to the parents who are reading this. Convince yourself. I really fell in love with these examples! So cute.

Annnd this is it. Hope you could grab some ideas. 

As you can probably see, it’s all about a good layout and arrangement and a good ambience, of course. It’s really important that you choose an office space that you feel happy and comfortable in. 

Wish you a creative week !