Creative and cosy lifestyle | Part III


Creative and cosy lifestyle | Part III

How to shape a creative and cosy lifestyle | Part 3

Be curious! JUST DO IT!

This will be my third and last part of the series “How I started my creative and cosy lifestyle”. If you want to be inspired and missed the first or second part, feel free to check them)

This year I took several classes. One very important class to me has been the blogging class from Emilie Higle. She’s very nice and adorable fashion blogger. A woman who knows what she wants. Her classes about how to blog took place in Luxembourg town. They were really well structured, well explained and I definitely learned a lot about the blogosphere. As a bloody beginner I wasn’t sure about starting a DIY blog in Luxembourg. So I asked her if it’s worth it. And ohhh, well her answer was so prompt: OF COURSE, JUST DO IT. DON’T WAIT TOO LONG. She also gave me the advice to write my blog in English. Well I have to admit that this isn’t easy at all for me. But I hope it’s getting better. (My very first DIY-post about a pyrography project was written in German…have a look ^^) Sometimes we need other persons, who encourage us to finally start a project, in my case: my blog COSYMORE. Thank you Emily Higle, you’ve been that person to me :-)

Positive and motivating experiences

During one of these classes I’ve met Linda and David from KINLAKE. I rarely met so friendly, creative and inspiring people! They told me about their community website ORLA COLLECTIVE and gave me this great opportunity to become a contributor to their site. I was absolutely amazed by those two creative minds. If you ever have the possibility to meet them: Don’t miss that chance! You could for instance take part at their brunches they are organizing from time to time in cooperation with Ready, a very cool coffee shop, one of the coziest places in Luxembourg by the way.

Ready Coffee Shop Limperstberg Ready Coffee Shop Limperstberg

Speaking about shaping a creative lifestyle, Linda and David started their own creative business in January 2015, called KINLAKE. They extremely motivate me to do start my own little business as well. I really love spending time with them, exchanging ideas about creativity and healthy + mindful living. Oh and you know what? We are even planning a Orla Collective/Cosymore DIY WORKSHOP. Details will follow very soon. I am already very excited about it. Stay tuned! ;-) 

For me, they are the perfect example of those people who manage to combine their passion with work. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? “Just do it”, said Linda. And there it was again: This simply  “j u s t  d o  i t – quote”. 

I think what’s keeping us away from being a maker is fear and uncertainty. But when you give in to these fears nothing will happen.

So: Don’t be too hard to yourself!

Once you stop being too hard to yourself and just doing it, I am sure you will face many many many positive experiences. 

So please, remind: 



Next week I will share a short guide about starting a DIY-blog. Annnnnnnnd: there will be free printable worksheets as well! 

Here some additional inspiration why should blog:

Blogging is...

Have a cosy weekend :)