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[Frame your memories]

Frames_Intro Oui Oui.. I am still in a typography mood!(in my trend spotting [Framed Quotes] I already gathered some inspirations...have a look). Oh and before I forget...Be careful! Typo-mood could be contagious...

Typography mood + retrospection of funny moments = framed memories.

If you are interested in a more minimalistic project (contrary to the wall project ), then you should have a look at this mini tutorial. You don’t remember any funny (or not) quotes from your past? When you were a little girl or boy? Let me give you a personal example: I remember my parents always gave me this really FRUSTRATING answer when I (again) wanted to keep up with the Joneses.  „Ech WËLL dat…awer“ (<— Luxembourgish language). So their LEGENDARY answer was always like this one: „Déi Wëll laafen am Bësch“. Yeah. Mind-blowing answer, isn’t it? Do you remember getting this answer, too ? Hm. I’m not sure if I could translate this sentence in English (Maybe there is someone who has any translation idea?) Okay, so here you have some cosy homework for today.

TREND SPOTTING |Framed Quotes|

While looking into current (+ upcoming) trends, there actually is one particular trend I’ve seen quite a lot: Framed Quotes it or hate it. I have no doubt that the trend of hanging framed quotes still exists! BUT. I’m (still) not convinced about this printed art trend, because I really really really found a lot of cheesy stuff, too.  Nevertheless I’ve picked a few examples out, which are quite charming.

| Spring cleaning Challenge = full of surprises | 

Wooden Wall Collage Spring is just around the corner and your home is still in hibernation? Really? Well, then it’s time for a spring cleaning challenge. Okay. I know. Decluttering your home isn’t the most interesting and exciting project to do. But I tell you what, you’ll feel happier and calmer afterwards. I don’t know what you feel like, but personally I often feel stressed by a visual chaos. And there is another point: you can find forgotten treasures. Who knows how many precious things are just waiting for you to be rediscovered. So I guess you want to know what I’ve found? Right? Well, I helped my father decluttering the attic of his old house, when suddenly a very big wooden box caught my eye and „wwwooosh“ a new DIY idea was born.Wooden Box | make over Look what happened to it. 

Shades of Grey White in your bedroom ? Why not! | Flea-market + open mind = amazing vintage finds | This bedroom here is outfitted in shades of white and mixes the new with the old for or a look that is truly unique. White. Fresh. Quiet. No visual...

Make your own desk using old wooden pallets

Never underestimate the versatility of old wooden pallets.

  How I came to this DIY furniture project.... It all began with my Mum's search for a very, very narrow desk. Unfortunately, she didn't find the right one. That's why I have done plenty of research on DIY furniture projects. The idea had to be SIMPLE, FEASIBLE and AFFORDABLE... Annnnd... If you also add RECYCLABLE – Pallets are just perfect to fulfill those criteria. You can find pallets in Garden stores or Hardware stores or maybe even your neighbors want to get rid of their pallets. If you find some old ones don't be upset by their dirty look. YES, used pallets are UGLY. But the cool thing is that your furniture (or your desk) made of old pallets has a lot of character! Pallet_Desk6 Voilà, ready to take a look at my DIY tutorial?

Birch wood? Yes!

Do you want to give your home interiors a personal touch? So maybe I've got something for you. Here is a simple DIY idea using birch wood to freshen up your furniture. For this shelving concept I needed a few white shelves at an affordable price and some birch branches, of course.

 DIY | Ikea meets Birch | Impressions, Luxembourgish DIY Blogger So, I went to IKEA... When walking through this store, it is like walking through a forest of ideas and inspirations. Ooh yes, I have to admit that it is a quite dangerous place for me, I always end up buying things I do not really need. Maybe you know what I am talking about and you have a similar feeling? I am sure about that :-)  Bon okay... Back to the shelves: I've bought a few of these LACK floating wall shelves. In white. Their clean and sleek look fits perfectly with the pale birch branches. So take a walk not only through the IKEA store. Take a walk through a REAL forest. It is a perfect place for getting plenty of ideas and inspirations using wood. AND! You will see, after a forest walk you'll feel cosier.  Let's have a look to my tutorial.

DiY | Wood burning

Just another cosy little DIY project.

As wood burning is such a relaxing and cosy thing to do, I decided to make another wood burning (Pyrography) project: Customising a keepsake box.

Do you like these little tiny wooden jewelry boxes as much as I do? Or you’ve probably found one at a flea-market and you'd like to decorate it the way you want it? Then just stay a few minutes and see how easy this is.

Furniture Makeover + Eco chic

May I introduce Miss Turquoise? I've found her at a flea-market last summer and I came up with the idea to get her a new look: "the TURQUOISE look".

Old furniture makeover, Eco chic, Luxembourgish DIY Blogger

I really love upcycling old furniture. I will show you how to transform old furniture into a new, fresh looking piece that reflects your personal style. It is quite simple and you need only three steps to do it, no matter your skill level.

Go to flea-markets, where you can discover plenty of inexpensive pieces which have the potential for customization. They are just waiting for you to pass by.. :-) Well.. Are you ready for this? Here we go. Step by Step.

 Wall art - custom handcrafted wood signs These wooden signs were a gift for my mum. The reason for this gift? Well...