Creative and cosy lifestyle | Part II

Creative and cosy lifestyle | Part II

How to create a creative and cosy lifestyle | Part II

Gathering inspiration from creative minds

When you are willing to change your lifestyle into a more creative one, the first step you can take , is by trying to figure out which person inspires you the most? I don’t mean a famous artist. (well there’s nothing wrong about dreaming big, but let’s start small.) It really should be someone of your friends. Or maybe even a family member. You certainly know someone personally who has this special creative features. Just spend some cosy time with this creative mind and you will certainly gather new inspiration for your own lifestyle.

In this post I’ll share the personal creative minds who inspire me:

As I told you before, my path into the creative world started somehow due to my talented friend C. So of course I wanted to mention him. I really like his photography style.

Window | Christian Wüst

Window shot by Christian Wüst

Mirror | Christian Wüst

By Christian Wüst

His style has something raw and he plays with colors in a very subtle way. The pictures might seem a bit “dark” at the first sight, but they have something mystical, too. And well – the compositions are just great. Have a look at It’s worth it.

Here is another lovely blog from Luxembourg, a photography blog from Luxembourg, which is also great for daily inspiration. Sunny describes herself as an amateur photographer, but I think she’s getting better and better.

Leaves | By Sunny

In love with these colors. By Sunny.

And the funny part about her self-description is that she thinks that taking pictures is a therapy. I share this thought with her, because seeing my little world through my lens from time to time, makes me discover some happiness in my daily life. And after a while I managed to see those inspiring details even without a lens :) Give your camera and yourself a chance to make that same experience.

The following person also inspires me a lot: PETRA VANKERKOM. You know what? Just go immediately to her website. She’s the expert when it comes to finding little surprising discoveries in daily life. As I mentioned before: Don’t look too far for inspiration. Well Petra knows how to do this. She is the expert. She started with her website by sharing her discoveries which made her happy. What makes her photographs so special to me, is the fact that she uses amazing word compositions to describe the picture in a surprisingly beautiful and for me even philosophical way.

She visited Nepal and shared her stunning impressions during a vernissage in Daun, Germany. Her aim: „How you can find happiness in your daily life“. She showed us how people living in Nepal manage to find their bliss in the most unexpected moments.

Many people think happiness is something you get when you’ve achieved a certain goal or by getting this and that. 

But there are many other meanings of happiness once you push this very western approach away.

Happy Kids in Nepal

A wonderful shot. By Petra Vankerkom.

I don’t just want to show you Petra’s work. I also am fascinated about what happened after her vernissage and what she was able to do. You certainly remember the natural catastrophe in Nepal in April 2015? This happened just a couple of days after her Vernissage „Das Lächeln am Himalaya- vom kleinen Glück im Alltag“. Well, very quickly she launched a personal charity appeal in combination with her pictures from Nepal. Her aim changed in so far, that she wanted to give the Nepalese their smile back. Her charity project quickly became bigger and bigger. She puts all her heart and soul into this wonderful project and that’s why she is so successful in what she’s doing. Due to her positive energy she’s faced unexpected beautiful experiences. She had the opportunity to talk in a TVShow, SWR-Landesschau. And later on, she met Dalai Lama. In personal. Yes, you just read it right. No typing mistake. She met him. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It has been one of the biggest moments in her life. I, myself got goosebumps when she told me this. It’s adorable.

Petra and Dalai Lama

And I think that’s what makes her happy, too: the gratitude she receives towards the people in Nepal.

She revisited Nepal and now she’s also busy with great charity projects over there. Today, will be an event in  Daun, Germany about her photography work. If you are interested, visit her website to contact Petra. Here is the facebook link as well. If you want to be inspired by her, her pictures AND words, this is must-see . You won’t regret it. You will return home with new thoughts. It’s really touching.

Do you know persons you admire for what they do?

Think about it! :-)


!!! By the way, there are DIY projects in progress !!!, but due to several big events during this month like Birthday Partys, my best friend’s weddings, and other great events, they unfortunately have to wait a little bit. Hope you don’t mind. But in the meanwhile I’ll share some more details about my career change.

In the 3rd edition of this kind of post I’ll share some details about how I started my blog. Steps I took and so on and so on.. Might be helpful for some of you who would like to start blogging.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Stay tuned. (have to get prepared for my best friend’s wedding now.. preparing a speech etc..oh làlà.. :-)