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BÖRDIE is waiting to get adopted. BY YOU. And to be the mascot of your house and to simply remind you to take things slow.

That’s also where the inspiration came from… …to have something special at home that I could easily integrate into my interior and at the same time using it as a reminder to take one step at the time. That’s what we all need from time to time, right? :)

BÖRDIE is hand crafted (wood and acrylic paint + pencil) and will be created once your order one. I need a month of time to prepare your new house mascot. But it will be UNIQUE. Be patient with me <3

(new and more product pictures will follow)

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Illustrated interior goodie. Please have a look into the additional information for more details (including shipping details)

Additional Information
Dimensions 40 × 0.35 × 31 cm

BÖRDIE is hand crafted (wood and acrylic paint + pencil
– with a metal frame hanger at the back


ca. 300mm x 400mm x 3mm