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Lynn Cosyn


Hi, I’m Lynn, a creative mind, a professional day dreamer and most of all a passionate illustrator.

I grew up in tiny little Luxembourg and since I was a little girl I loved to create beautiful handmade items and to draw whimsical things. When I grew up I kind of forgot about this passion…it’s only by starting this blog in 2015 that I realized how much my childhood passions still meant the world to me. I realized that crafting and drawing is my personal meditation.

I actually graduated as an engineer in architecture and I somehow realized that being an architect hadn’t fulfilled my life. So I changed it. Well..okay. It hasn’t been the easiest decision to quit a secure job for a passion: Illustration. But you know what? Until today I don’t regret to have given it a try. I love what I do and I do what I love.


My illustrations are created by hand, using mostly goauche, pencils and ink. A dream of mine is illustrating a children’s picture book, a cooking book, a lifestyle book, designing packaging and creating patterns for a lovely brand. And I would love to illustrate windows from cute little shops and stores.

To see my work in progress, please follow me on instagram @cosymore. 


You’ll find three categories at my blog:

DiY: I want to inspire my readers. Use this blog as your cosy corner to get plenty ideas and inspiration to add joy and beauty to your daily life with whimsical handmade designs.

My Journal: Have a look at my illustration studio and see the process of my everyday work. I want to share as much as I can with you. Maybe you want to work with me? Let me know. I would be more than pleased to get in contact with you.

Freebies: I love my readers and of course I want to treat them a bit. With beautiful printable paper goodies. All you have to do is to print the goodies, cut them out and enjoy.


Can’t believe it somehow that there are several interviews about me and my work out there :)

Look here for more.

Lynn Cosyn Illustration

All images and illustrations on this website are © LYNN COSYN aka COSYMORE 2015-2017. (unless otherwise indicated)